Performance and Quality

Partners HealthCare is committed to making patient care better each day, across all parts of our system. Our Quality, Safety, and Efficiency website is for those who want to better understand how we are doing this.

We take great pride in having world-class facilities and personnel. Our system-wide initiatives ensure that delivery of care anywhere in our health system is uniformly high quality, safe, and cost effective. Hear from Partners quality and safety leaders in the video to the right about specific projects underway.

Graphs illustrating quality improvementWe are pleased to offer a public progress report for patients, families, policymakers, employees, and all who are interested in the quality of health care. This report shows our commitment to achieving the highest standards of patient care.

Visit our report card on Quality, Safety, and Efficiency to learn more about how Partners is improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care.


Advancing Health Care: Quality and Patient Safety

Elizabeth Mort, MD, MPH and Tejal Gandhi, MD, MPH discuss Partners' efforts to improve patient safety and quality across the Partners system.

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