Quality and Safety

Partners HealthCare is working to improve quality of care and patient safety across all of the services we provide. We believe that the advancement of health care requires thorough and frequent self-assessment and a commitment to continual improvement.

We have launched system-wide initiatives to ensure that delivery of care throughout our health system is high quality, safe, and cost effective.

Electronic medical records (EMR) are a vast improvement over paper records.  Partners is a national leader in physician adoption of EMR, including the Partners-built Longitudinal Medical Record.

Reducing medical errors is a focus for health care institutions across the country.  At Partners HealthCare we are committed to this effort through new applications of computerized order entry.


Partners HealthCare was one of the earliest adopters of health information technology in the nation. Hear more about our efforts from a video with Cynthia Bero, Corporate Director of Information Systems for Partners Community Healthcare, Inc.

Research shows that patients in the hospital are quite open to messages from caregivers about the benefits of quitting smoking. That’s why Partners makes it a priority to provide smoking cessation information to our patients.


Advancing Health Care: Quality and Patient Safety

Elizabeth Mort, MD, MPH and Tejal Gandhi, MD, MPH discuss Partners' efforts to improve patient safety and quality across the Partners system.

Quality and Safety at Partners

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