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In the face of a drug productivity crisis, the Translational Medicine Center is forging a collaborative relationship between industry and academia. This partnership strives to provide cutting edge care for patients by overcoming the barriers to the creation of successful new therapies and accelerating new drug development.

Academia has traditionally excelled at early stage research, knowledge of disease pathways, and expertise in human biology and pathophysiology. The biotech and pharmaceutical industries are unparalleled in their understanding of medicinal chemistry, drug design and development. They have the molecules, money and methodologies for moving drugs into clinics. But understanding human disease has proven too complex for either group to handle independently. Drug discovery and the development of novel therapies has become slow, expensive and inefficient. The Translational Medicine Center seeks to bridge this gap by providing the guidance, critical resources and infrastructure to facilitate a successful collaboration between the two communities in order to address unmet clinical needs.

By leveraging and expanding the world-renowned and unique assets of the Harvard Community and Boston’s larger biomedical community, the Translational Medicine Center creates new approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Partners founders, Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, provide an impressive pool of resources that allow us to focus on proof of concept (PoC) studies in which new therapies are tested for the first time in people with the condition that the drug is expected to treat.  

Working together, our interdisciplinary teams create a Laboratory of Human Investigation which brings together the strengths of industry and academia, resulting in improved leading edge therapeutics for our patients and enhanced training for our students.

We can provide expertise in:

One Point of Contact Project Management to Partners Healthcare

  • Facilitation of contracts
  • Project timelines
  • Budget timelines

Preclinical Research

  • Preclinical pharmacology research
  • Animal toxicology
  • Prepare and submit IND in eCTD format

Clinical Research

  • Trial design and protocol development
  • Database management
  • Data analyses and study report completion

Regulatory Compliance

  • Contract establishment
  • IRB/EC submissions
  • FDA/ Regulatory agency submissions

Clinical Operations

  • Patient recruitment
  • Protocol execution
  • Patient safety monitoring


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"I decided to work for Partners because it is a worldwide leader in medical research programs that seeks to further our current medical knowledge and better the lives of people."

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