Resources and Information

Partners HealthCare is pleased to present a variety of resources to support basic and clinical research collaboration, including administrative and operational oversight between the Partners affiliates and other institutions throughout the industry. 

The research-related offices and programs supporting the Partners research community are committed to identifying and adhering to best practices, while upholding the highest standards of integrity and responsibility throughout the industry.

Research support through Partners includes information on facilities, research management, the Partners Clinical Research Office, the Partners Human Research Office, and a Human Research Quality Improvement Program.

Resources include Clinical Informatics Research & Development, Partners Research Computing, the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology, the Center for Information Technology Leadership, and more.


Partners HealthCare is pleased to present a variety of resources for  research collaborators.

Resources include information on A-133 Audits, Duns Numbers, and Institutional Addresses.


Partners Research Navigator

The Research Navigator is a web application that contains resources for the Partners research community and outside collaborators and sponsors. This tool is designed to help employees manage and understand the research lifecycle.

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Advancing Health Care: Research Ethics

Partners HealthCare is home to thousands of research studies each year. Pearl O'Rourke, Director of Human Research Affairs at Partners HealthCare, explains how the Partners Ethics Review Committee works to ensure that the research community understands the importance of carrying out research in an ethical manner and respects current regulations.

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